King Kong Zipline Wild

From: $70.00

Get away from boredom and let the adrenaline run through your body while you have fun slipping in our lines. Enjoy at Infinity Bay Spa &. Beach Resort / paradise hotel beach at west bay beach, a unique time in its crystal-clear waters. Visit the monkeys, sloths, scarlet, macaws, and other animals hold the capuchin monkeys.


Complete your experience by mixing it with various activities. Enjoy a unique moment in its crystal clear waters at Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort or Paradise hotel beach in West Bay Beach. Visit the monkeys, sloths, scarlet monkeys, macaws and other animals holding capuchin monkeys. A trip to see the marine life reserve where you can feed the fish, see the tortoises first hand an excellent experience for all.

What includes:

  • Transport
  • water
  • Entrance to paradise hotel beach/Henry Morgan
  • resort amenities

What To bring:

  • Bath towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Repellent
  • What you think is necessary for your comfort.


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