Flying bicycle

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A sunset cruise is one of the nicest things to do on Roatan. An excellent way to see a very good portion of the island, meet awesome people and enjoy breath taking sunsets. Enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive afternoon with drinks on demand, appetizers and at least one snorkeling spot to cool you down and get you ready for a lot more. Bring your camera and capture every moment and every site along the north shore of this spectacular place.


“This is a totally new activity in the Caribbean. Adventure, emotions, and hundreds of smiles is what you will live, this will be the best trip of your dreams in the Caribbean. The proximity to the port; the unique view of the port and the sea that you will be able to enjoy while you glide through the air on a bicycle on a cable in which you will cross our jungle and return through it. If it seemed too extreme, you could choose not to return but imagine the fun, enjoy the tropical and natural jungle of the place, the duration of the cable trip, the speed at which they move, the flora and fauna of the park.

We will give you a brief introduction of the rules and safety measures that you should apply during the tour. We will start sliding down the mountains of the consolation bight community in front of the Coxen Hole cruise port, on a cable over 800 feet long, 300 feet high, with the minimum speed, and you will have to pedal to be able to ride as you do on the ground. controlled by you, where we will make 1 stop to return on a cable with the same altitude and length. And the most fun is that if you have company, you can make a small race, it is a challenge because you can go on another cable next to you competing. There will be a trained guide to act in any situation and provide absolute safety with communication equipment for this. No fears as this tour are one of the safest tours with triple safety, if you fall off the bike you will always be safe on the cable, you will have a moment to capture the experience of the fabulous view of the ocean in front of the cruise with a couple of photos that you can share as postcards. (We offer a professional photography service so you can enjoy 100% without having to be distracted).

Tour Duration: 45 minutes

What includes:

  • Flying bicycle tour (2 cables)

What To bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Repellent
  • What you think is necessary for your comfort.

What to wear:

  • Weather-appropriate attire


  • Minimum age 10        /           maximum age 65
  • Minimum weight 32        /           maximum weight       115
  • Minimum height (inches) 56
  • maximum height (inches) 78


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