Snuba Diving


Roatan is well-known for its spectacular and colorful marine life, no wonder is considered one of the top places for snuba dive in the world. A crossover between snorkeling and diving. A 45ft hose connected to an oxygen tank on one end which floats up on the surface(in a raft) and a regulator for breathing on the other end allowing you to go beyond snorkeling, giving you the benefit of staying under water for as long as you want and the flexibility to surface when you need to. All while being guided by a certified PADI instructor to ensure your safety and maximum experience. No videos, no books, no certification required, easy and simple… you need this in your life!!! • Price per person is $85.00 • Activity time-lapse is between 45 minutes and one(1)hour once in the water • Waiver must be signed • Recommended age is ten 10 years and older • Short briefing will be given before the start of the activity • Duration: 2 hours (max time 3 hrs.)


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