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Playing in the water can be fun, but playing “on the water” is definitely awesome. Daring and bold, but easy enough for anyone willing to experience one of the coolest things on the island. The fly board- a 45ft hose attached to a watercraft(jet sky/wave runner) on one end and a snowboard like device on the other, where water is forced under pressure and then release through nozzles underneath the board which provides thrust allowing you to propel up to 25ft up on the air!!! With a little practice you’ll be gliding, diving and feeling like Ironman. The device speed and height are monitored and control by the instructor operating the watercraft for safety reasons. Performance is up to you, so try to follow all the instructions and tips given by your instructor and you will get the most out of your experience. • Price per person is $65.00 • Activity time lapse is 15 minutes. • Waiver must be signed. • Recommended for people 10 years and older. • Instructions will be given before start of activity • A second person is allowed to ride the back of the jet sky to take pictures or video of the activity


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