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    Catamaran Tour

    A sunset cruise is one of the nicest things to do on Roatan. An excellent way to see a very good portion of the island, meet awesome people and enjoy breath taking sunsets. Enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive afternoon with drinks on demand, appetizers and at least one snorkeling spot to cool you down and get you ready for …

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    Glass Bottom Boat

    The glass bottom boat is like a “semi-submarine”, you sit 6 feet below the surface with windows on either side of you with air conditioning.

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    Horseback Riding

    An hour of horseback riding to get a feel of the way land transportation used to be on the island just a few decades ago. A guide will assist you with everything you need for the ride including safely guiding you through the lush and green pathways, great opportunity for pictures of the best topical views of the Caribbean.

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    Iguana Park Tour

    Iguana feeding! you can even pick up the Iguanas and feed them by hand. They are descendants from the dinosaurs but are a very gentle creatures. A trip to see the marine life reserve where you can feed the fish, see firsthand the land turtles an excellent experience for children and adults.

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    Kingk Culture Trip

    Visit the town picturesque fishing village of French Harbour, we drive through Roatan culture house. They are the main axis of all artistic-cultural manifestations. We look for the island community to participate in all activities that are scheduled, plan and set up projects that will make us a dynamic institution with social projection; strengthening cultural and spiritual integration, respecting fundamental …

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    Kingk Hike Day

    Don´t you like the Zip line? We have options to your liking; walk through our trails with routes of approximately one hour and thirty minutes, with attractions that fill you with pleasure; a suspension bridge overlooking the sea where you can enjoy pure nature, breathing fresh air, discovering different species of plants and animals, breaks, a cave of pirate have …

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    Kingk Roatan Trip

    Venture to live to the extreme your best moments while you have fun slipping in our lines of 2580 feet long fly like a bird and let the adrenaline run through your body and observe below the 320 feet high at 70 miles per hour speed.

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    Kingk Zipline Wild

    Get away from boredom and let the adrenaline run through your body while you have fun slipping in our lines at 70 miles per hour speed. Enjoy on Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort at west bay beach, a unique time in its crystal clear waters. Visit the monkeys, sloths, scarlet, macaws and other animals hold the capuchin monkeys.

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    Zip lining is an exhilarating experience, fly through beautiful scenery in one of the biggest mountain in Roatan with view at all the port of Roatan on a cable line. Zip lining has become a popular outdoor activity in Roatan within two minutes away from Roatan´s port. Venture to live to the extreme your best moments, while you have fun …